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Hi, I am a 40 year old male in the UK. I am very interested in the world of BDSM. Im also a (bad) crossdresser. Ive always been made to feel like my kinks are weird by vanilla relationships in the past, my partners have never shared my kinks.

I have joined this forum, hopefully to read about and hopefully chat to like minded individuals. People that have had similar experiences to myself. Eventually i hope to meet people that share my kinks. I enjoy being tied up and/or handcuffed, the more restrictive the better! I can also see the appeal of switching and tying other people up. Hopefully from now on, i would like make friends who i have kinks in common with.

Thanks, Nonconformer

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Re: Hello

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Welcome to the forum.
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Re: Hello

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Welcome Nonconformer

I've been into BDSM and crossdressing since I was 8 so I'm sure we'll get on fine here and that you enjoy your time here

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