The wife's point of view on crossdressing

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The wife's point of view on crossdressing

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Today I would like to ask you all a favor. For some time now I have been in contact with wives who have had bad experiences with crossdresser husbands.

By bad experiences I mean that the marriage ended because the spouses did not find a way to settle their differences.

From these conversations I came up with the idea of writing a post in which I tried to present the point of view of the wives (because there were several) on this topic

The idea is to have information that is really useful for anyone in our community who is in this situation.

The first impression I got when I read it was that it was very hard and discouraging and I would like whoever reads it not to feel that but to feel that they now have more information to face this situation and have a better chance of success.

This is the link ... ssing.html

As it is, I would very much like to receive your comments on this matter. It would be of great help to me.

Thank you in advance

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Re: The wife's point of view on crossdressing

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It's an interesting read and I think this easily applies to any other fetish/kink. Thanks for collecting those thoughts!

I made the same mistakes mentioned in it in my first long term partnership regarding BDSM. Kept it a secret, dropped hints, once out went crazy, never considered my partners pov, etc. Ultimately we tried to both work it out however they really only accepted my fetish out of a desperate attempt to keep the relationship. The disingenuous tolerance soon seeped through the cloud and wasnt fun for either of us overtime. Was a long and slow trainwreck.

Never again was committed to anyone until I met someone at a bar who talked about bdsm and other sexual interests before we even knew each other's names.

Sex is extremely important to most people and that really needs to be completely exposed before you waste anyone's time.

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