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does anyone know how to actually enlarge your breast?

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Re: boobs

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The only safe ways are -
1) See you doctor and ask if you can be put on hormones.
2) Get breast implants.

All the so-called herbal methods are just a way of relieving you of your money in my opinion.

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Re: boobs

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I have bought silicone breast inserts that glue on to my chest.It was a bit expensive to get high quality ones but is worth it as they look so real .The glue holds them in place which I love and has a special solvent to release them . My girlfriend took the solvent away as punishment and I had to wear them for a week.Good thing for being able to work from home but they are very comfortable to wear long term . Without the remover it is almost impossible to get them off ,I stopped because it hurt too much and could have worn them for much longer,Will find out next time because when I told Heather that she told me she was glad to hear that because next time we will find out . I am happy with my breasts,they are a small C and are definatly noticeable when trying to look like a guy but that was part of the fun

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Re: boobs

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Personally I have been using vacuum systems (similar to Noogleberry) for years and have increased my cup sized from an A to a D.... Really works and no hormone or drug side effects...

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Re: boobs

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I've got a pair of silicon inserts that I use. They work well because they also mimic the weight and 'physics' of real breasts (how they move, affect your balance etc.) better than many other options.

If you are going for full on real breasts, it does get complicated and it is also generally a permanent state. Surgery and/or drugs are needed. As mentioned above, I agree that none of the over the counter/herbal methods are going to actually do anything.

One thing I would say is that, if you are looking at wanting to take this rather more permanent step, have you considered asking for a referral to a gender clinic to go through the process of reassignment?

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Re: boobs

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You can try Pueraria Mirifica herb. It's freely available, and it works. Do not expect TOO much, though :D

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