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To dare or not to dare?

Posted: 29 Jun 2020, 19:02
by restricted
Have I got the nerve to do it. I fancy getting dressed early in the morning and put the rubbish out plus going to post a letter 300 yards away. I can't walk fast owing to my manky leg but I thought if it is nippy, I can put my wig on and tie a scarf to hold it down.

Are there any dares that you fancy doing but don't know if you have the nerve or not to do it?

Re: To dare or not to dare?

Posted: 16 Sep 2020, 03:15
by sissyboycindy
Going out to check the mail or answer the door when we have a delivery from fed ex or ups,,or the pizza guy . I have had to walk to the store which is about three blocks from our house.I can go through the neighbor hood or when my girlfriend wants to punish me she makes me walk down the street to the busy street leading to the store. It is always fun to walk to the store or a friends house totally feminized and when dressed casual never draw any attention but Heather loves to send me out wearing my french maids outfit or worse dressed like a slut in a short tight skirt and high heels . I pissed her off one night when we were out ,I was dressed slutty as hell and she made me walk across town to our house as punishment. Wasnt hassled but did have men stop to offer me a ride,that was exciting when they didnt realize I am not a woman but did get scarey twice when the guy didnt take no for an answer .I figured he would realize I was a guy eventually so I just told him hoping to run them off which worked one time but not the second. I was relieved when he didnt get mad about .He still offered but I didnt feel comfortable and told him thanks maybe next time and he finally drove off but drove back by a few times. My girlfriend said she was glad that I enjoyed that so much and promised me that if I am not careful she will make me accept a ride when a man offers me one