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What to do when bound

Posted: 01 Jan 2021, 01:11
by Farmerlife88
Not sure if this is the area but I am a cd with a very different style then the average cd. I'm having trouble with what to have my wife do to me when I am bound like hogtied or mummified etc etc. I am fully covered when dressed up and it's time for bondage but struggle at the same time with what to have done when bound like I want to have something done but with the important parts all covered it adds that difficulty. Is it ok if I put a picture up so yall can see what I mean?

Re: What to do when bound

Posted: 01 Jan 2021, 11:22
by Petrajane
Welcome to the forums first of all.

Yes, it's fine to post a photo, or three, showing us how you look when bound.

Re: What to do when bound

Posted: 01 Jan 2021, 23:24
by vm1971
When my wife has me bound, there's almost always a Hitachi wand secured in place to keep me entertained.

There's also all the roleplaying.
Sometimes there's tickling.
Sometimes there's flogging/spanking.
There's always tugging on ropes, tightening of straps etc.

Also, if you're mummified, there's no law that says there can't be an opening where your erect penis just sticks out.

Re: What to do when bound

Posted: 01 Jan 2022, 19:14
by JaniceNoyb
My wife doesn't like playing with me when I'm dressed, so she just ties me up and leaves me. That's pretty sexy in itself, because I never know how long I will be kept tied up.

Re: What to do when bound

Posted: 13 Jun 2022, 23:53
by Like Ra
And ... bondage is not bondage unless you want out, but ... can't ... :twisted:

Re: What to do when bound

Posted: 18 Jun 2022, 11:04
by fetishdj
Part of this has to be what you want her to do... the other part is what she wants to do.
And, personally, when bound I like not knowing what is going to happen. There's a special frission in having less control.

OK, as no photos have yet been posted... I am assuming you are fully dressed (skirt, underwear, top) and bound and sometimes are bound in mummification?

It's sometimes difficult but you can access sensitive areas when fully dressed, even when bound. One session I did with my former Mistress involved a sex swing. I was fully dressed (maid dress, stockings, bra, lacy matching knickers) and put on the swing and my ankles and wrists were cuffed to chains from the ceiling. I was also wrapped round the waist with rope. Finally, she put a dildo in my mouth and warned me not to drop it and added a blindfold. I was left there for a while to wriggle and swing. Then I heard her come back and she pulled down my dress and bra to get at my nipples and pulled my panties away from my caged cock. At this point I was still more or less fully dressed, still bound but various bits were exposed.

She put the images on OnlyFans... as her slave it was often my role to both allow her to practise things she wanted to do on paying clients and provide content for her social media.

It's possible to expose different parts of the body if you use a bit of effort. Especially if you are not worried about things being torn or otherwise damaged. For one professional session I attended many years ago, I asked for a kidnap session and was instructed to arrive wearing a t-shirt I didn't mind losing and pack a spare. My t-shirt was removed with a pair of scissors after I had been bound. You can always buy cheap female clothing (or put aside stuff that is old and worn and going to get thrown out anyway) to use for these sessions.

Another option is to plan in advance. If you have things added to your body before you get dressed it can make things possible. For example, you could have a remote bullet vibe inserted anally and another one taped to your cock. Nipples could have estim patches stuck to them with the cables pulled through natural gaps in clothing so they can be attached to the device.

At this point, your wife could do whatever she wanted by manipulating the controls. Doesn't even necessarily need to be in the same room... :)

Re: What to do when bound

Posted: 18 Jun 2022, 11:44
by Jimdini
Like Ra wrote: 13 Jun 2022, 23:53 And ... bondage is not bondage unless you want out, but ... can't ...
Frustration is part of the fun :D