Am I the only one?

Because boys will be girls will be boys.
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Am I the only one?

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Okay, as far as I am concerned, there is nothing as nice as relaxing in a skirt and petticoat maybe a blouse or jumper, but most of the time I'm in a male top and a skirt below the waist. That way I can sit in the garden and get away with it unless my neighbour gets too inquisitive. He hates crossdressers.

I love the fact that I am decent with nothing showing if you know what I mean. But I have all sorts of skirts etc just sitting there. I am trying to stop it, but now the urge to get dressed once more is building up. I am trying to stop it as I am seeing that woman and don't want to embarrass her. She said she accepts it but does she?

How many of you say enough is enough but a little while later, find you miss the comfort of a dress or skirt?

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Re: Am I the only one?

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I always liked wearing feminine clothes but kept it hidden for a long loooooong time. Then in 2017 three key things happened for me pretty much at once.

1 - I watched an anime called Re:Zero where there is a crossdressing character (Felix Argyle) and that led me to finding more 'trap' characters in anime such as Astolfo and I saw that the whole femboy thing was actually very popular and becoming more accepted. (I've drawn them all tied up a few times too!)

2 - I started getting into some Japanese bands/musicians where some of the guys wore female clothes. Malice Mizer and Hizaki in particular. The guy who started Malice Mizer even has his own fashion label now and would love to get some of that stuff!

3 - I joined a band as the frontman and used that as an opportunity to wear what I wanted for performances and videos. That band stopped a few years ago now but I still wear a lot of feminine stuff when I perform or do music videos for my own music.

I've found that most people have been very accepting of me and have had some nice comments about my look. I also introduced femboy characters to my comics and stories. They've gone down really well too.

But yeah, despite all this, I do still feel a bit insecure with it all from time to time and go for ages without wearing a skirt. But when I do, it does feel amazing and I do wish I felt comfortable (and safe!) enough to do it more often. I'd wear them most the time if I could! Hope you can enjoy it when you can :)

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