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Posted: 28 Mar 2021, 16:33
by tiemeupalso
did this group die?
there hasnt been a post in a week.

Re: rip

Posted: 28 Mar 2021, 18:13
by Stahlketten
In my case, it is simply a lack of interest or relevant thoughts on the subjects currently being discussed.
I am sure it is the same with many others. I believe we have many folks with very specific interests that are not shared by many others here.

Re: rip

Posted: 29 Mar 2021, 07:58
by Tesgri
I've been busy. We moved house; and still working on editing my book. I just don't always think to check the forums :)

Re: rip

Posted: 29 Mar 2021, 17:09
by Dianag
I wonder if, because of all the restrictions because of the pandemic, people are suffering what I heard called CBB syndrome - Can't Be Bothered.

Talking with friends and neighbors, I hear the same story all the time; "It's an effort just to get out of bed." So it's more than likely that it isn't a lack of interest in this site, just a general lack of interest. Also, I wonder how many people are on this and similar sites without the knowledge of their partners, so can't easily come online while stuck at home with the partner.

Hopefully, things will start to get better in the coming months and as interest in life is restored, so will interest and posts to the Forum.