Tell me your handgag experience in real life

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Tell me your handgag experience in real life

Unread post by mymouthisdrooling »

Anyone who has the unexpected moment when your fantasy come true in reality?

I am a male who always has a fantasy of having a long lasting handgag from a female, I never expose my kink to my girlfriend because... it is way too awkward to mention this. But then this happened in the last week at my house, during a family gathering.

Let me introduce myself a bit, I am a chatty boy and making fun of people at most of my life. Last week, as usual, I started talking shit about my aunt's wrist getting thicker and thicker, actually my girlfriend has thick hip and legs too, then my girlfriend clamped my mouth from behind while I was still talking, in front of my relatives! My relatives all clapping their hands for her doing this to me, my aunt even said thanks to her.

She then told me I have just lost my right to speak , then she chatted with my relatives with her hand over my mouth. After half an hour, she excused everybody for leaving, claiming that she was about to teach me a lesson, and took me into my own room while I am still handgagged by her...

You guys have any experience?

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Re: Tell me your handgag experience in real life

Unread post by fetishdj »

I much prefer an actual gag to a handgag but I have had some experiences of this.

One time I was helping my then Mistress move house (we were unpacking all her clothes and things at the other end, she gifted me some of her old clothes and underwear to add to my cross dressing collection) and she found a single leather glove that had been kept aside from all other clothing. It was bright red leather, a really nice looking glove.

So, when we had finished for the day, she got me to lie down and she put this glove on to 'show me what it was used for'. She then pressed it over my mouth and nose, completely cutting off my ability to breathe. She counted and told me I had to last until a certain number of seconds before she would release me. When she did release me, she still kept the gloved hand over my mouth, just relieved the pressure enough to allow me to breathe. She went through a number of cycles of this, each one longer than the last.

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Re: Tell me your handgag experience in real life

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The most real life handgag I witnessed was our babysitter, while playing Euchre with myself , my wife, and her boyfriend, got into a little tussle with my wife and, because she knew judo, twisted my wife's arm behind her back and hand gagged her, arching her back because my wife was a much bigger woman; the sexiest part was watching my wife's eyes dart around helplessly, then resigned to fetching our babysitter a wine cooler.

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