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Unread post by borninthejungle »

I'm looking for a headbox online and have only been able to find one :| linked below
https://www.etsy.com/fr/listing/7529816 ... llery-1-22
i'd take it but i really dislike the back of it being open..
wondering if any of you came accross other ones?

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Re: Headbox

Unread post by Jimdini »

borninthejungle wrote: 12 Jun 2022, 09:15 i'd take it but i really dislike the back of it being open..
wondering if any of you came accross other ones?
I think this would be safe if you put black gauze over the hole, it would still allow air in to breathe, but would effectively cut out ambient light.

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Re: Headbox

Unread post by fetishdj »

Looking at one of the images it looks like the small hole is there to allow mouth and nose to protrude for breathing (and presumably easy blocking) which means the eyes will be very close to the front of the box and therefore completely unable to see (though there will be light). The back of the box looks like there may be another plank to put in place but if there isn't it may be possible to fit one. Maybe talk to the seller as this is Etsy and so it will likely be something the seller makes and therefore can easily customise.

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Re: Headbox

Unread post by ruru67 »

I'd note that a rigid head box actually causes very little trouble with breathing as long as it's not actually sealed to the body - when you breath out it pressurises the box and the air escapes; breathing in does the opposite, so while it can be a bit stuffy, if you breathe normally there is regular gas exchange with the air outside the box.

In terms of re-breathing, the smaller the box, the less air there is to pool inside it, and the larger the proportion of the air exchanged with each breath. Pad it thickly to exclude light and sound, with just a smallish cavity around the mouth & nose, with some kind of air vent (or access to the neck hole), and it won't even get particularly stuffy. (That's because if you have a large space, you end up expelling a lot of "good" air when you breathe out, and the exhaled air doesn't make it to the exit; if the cavity is small, it's mostly exhaust air that is expelled, leaving you with mostly fresh air when in inhale again.)

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