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Posted: 13 Sep 2022, 15:17
by restricted
I'm just curious, which sex has the most vivid fantasy. It stems from a conversation I had with a woman. I have some, but she was way out above my head. All I know is she lives in Europe. Shame as I would love to help her with hers.

I said I thought that fantasies can't be generalised like that as men do have the cross dressing one as well. I must vary from person to person, but she seemed to think from chatting to her male and female friends women have the stornger imagination for a fantasy..

What is your oppinion?

Re: Fantasies!

Posted: 15 Sep 2022, 14:44
by Pain935
I think women have stronger fantasies. Mine is to be raped repeatedly by a line of men. One after the other. Each one finishmg inside me. All while being blindfolded. Also being part of an orgy where anything goes. And having two men inside me at once while having oral sex with a third man. I want to be fisted. Only women ever fisted me before. I'd love a man to fist me. I want to be tied up and taken repeatedly by a master. I'm still looking for a master. I seek pain.

Re: Fantasies!

Posted: 17 Sep 2022, 21:14
by petrale
my favorite fantasy is that my body is used to become that of a woman, that is to say, to have to undergo a reassignment.