How would an online forced orgasm work

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How would an online forced orgasm work

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This would be without having any toys. I'm curious if anyone knows how a forced orgasm work with online sub.

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Re: How would an online forced orgasm work

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Without toys?

What you are talking about here is basically a form of JOI (jerk off instructions). You don't specify male or female for the sub but I guess it works as well for both (though generally JOI is the male masturbating).

The idea is that the dominant and submissive are both online, using videochat, and the dominant issues instructions to the submissive as to how to masturbate. This includes things like pace and intensity. They have to follow the instructions to the letter which means the dominant (if they are good at it) can control when the orgasm happens. This means being able to both delay it (though usually what is needed there is the sub to say when they are close so they can change pace or stop completely for a bit) as well as force it and spoil it. Equipment like a metronome or an app that does a similar task can help and there are apps like SexScripts which include scripts that basically provide a set of JOI with a metronome sound to control pace.

It can also be combined with a dilemma. For example, forbidding a sub from cumming until given permission and then doing your hardest to force them and applying a punishment if they fail to stop themselves.

I've also done chastity sessions online where I was in chastity and sent a bunch of commands for things to do that were designed to make me cum in my cage. This included watching porn and using anal toys and so on. Again the challenge was to not cum and to report for punishment if I did.

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