Strongest prostate VIBRATOR suggestions

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Strongest prostate VIBRATOR suggestions

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Hello there, it's been forever since I've been on this site.

To keep it simple:

I'm trying to find a super strong prostate vibrator. NOT A MASSAGER. I don't have the time, frequency, practical location/s, or whatever else to try to train myself to drain myself and/or climax strictly from anal stimulation alone, in terms of physical stimulation. I am seeking a vibrator that is so strong at the tip that it can get the job done rather quickly.

I've tried different plugs and vibrators, using a chastity device, media viewing, different positions, and so on, even after close to a month with no climax, and it never even feels like I'm getting close before I have to stop trying. Therefore, I'm hoping a super strong prostate vibrator will at least speed up the process to a noticeable degree.

Preferences on recommendations:

Silicone exterior
Rechargeable, or at least wireless with batteries
Motor in tip of vibrator, if it helps, is a plus
The stronger the vibration, the better
The quieter, the better
The more portable/handheld, the better
Not an astronomically large price
Available for purchase through Amazon/EBay

Thanks in advance for any help and ideas.
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