Harder, please.

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Harder, please.

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You’d think those two words would be hard to say but when I’m there, in “the place,” it’s so hard to speak unless spoken to. How can I tell my dom I ache for her to go harder. I want to loose myself in her whips and canes. It’s so hard to tell her.

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Re: Harder, please.

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don't ask us how. ask her how.

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Re: Harder, please.

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I would have thought , even if your mistress has instructed you to be silent, she would allow the famous phrases -
along the lines of "Thankyou Mistress" or "Please Mistress" followed by "may I have some more ?".

If you are forbidden to speak, what can she do .... punish you more ? ?

If you are meaning to tell us that you are generally gagged, then you do need to talk to her before hand to enable communication- as you would for your safeword. Perhaps you need a 2nd safeword that is 'just for a gag removal for communication' and not release ???

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