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Looking for a specific scene

Posted: 21 Oct 2022, 10:37
by RGbargy
For years I have searched for a specific scene. A naked female (no idea the PC title), Tied hand and foot and being vibrated to oblivion. The problem is twofold. Either they spend 90% of the video tying up and messing about, or the position is wrong (for what I want)) and nudity is only common on Kink websites. It seems the modern obsession is changing the gag or finding the most obscure and uncomfortable positions imaginable if you are going to vibe someone for any length of time it is normally on a chair.
So, what do I want? It's so simple no one has thought it worthwhile. Lying down. Traditional hands behind the back but not touching elbows. Legs parallel tied at the ankles knees and thighs. (not hog-tied) tits nicely displayed. Wand nestled against a crotch rope. Ball Gag or anything that does not distort the face too much. And left to struggle for at least 20 minutes.
The nearest I have seen was "Rainy day orgasms" by Sandra Silvers, but she is dressed her arms parallel and her toes tied. And it stops before she really looses it.
Recently I have tried to order a custom video.£300!
Perhaps I am being too specific.