Smart phone controlled luggage lock

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Smart phone controlled luggage lock

Unread post by restrainedsybarite »

I'm sharing this all over the site, because it looks like a dream come true for certain types of bondage enthusiasts. I don't own one yet, but I plan on getting a couple in the foreseeable future. When I watched their kinda silly video all I could think of was how amazing this thing would be for stuff other than luggage.

- keep your sub locked in their gear/collar/clothes
- remotely track your sub
- set an alarm to go off if your sub gets too far from you and your phone
- control it even if it's half way around the world
- records any event that opens the lock

the list goes on and on... It's amazing. We all need these. They aren't cheap, but for what they could bring to playtime? Worth every penny I think.

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Re: Smart phone controlled luggage lock

Unread post by bound4life2 »

That does seem like it could be used for bondage. We have a rule in my house that if we nap I always have to be locked in the dog cage when napping. So when the wife is out of town I wasn't going to be locked in but I had to still nap in the cage and ask her permission to get out via text. This would allow her to let me out or keep me locked in there even when she is out of town.

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