Looking for mistress/master ( Online )

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Looking for mistress/master ( Online )

Unread post by slavexdddd »

Hello everyone! I am new here :).

I am looking for someone with whom I will be able to share and experience some bdsm fun.

As I am new I am a little bit shy but I will tell you a little bit about myself.
I am male 32, slim, tall. I think I am switch but often play as submissive.
If submissive I like CBT. Mostly: slapping, candle wax, electro, nettle ( now its excellent time when we can grab some of them from forest :) ), needles.

I don't like very hardcore stuff, but I think it's above the soft bdsm range.
If you like some other stuff no worries, we can experiment with them too!

For some time I use chaturbate for online meetups.

So if you are interested just send me PM, and I will be happy to reply :)


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Re: Looking for mistress/master ( Online )

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Hey I'm more of a sub but if you scratch my back I'll scratch yours

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