Married woman seeking a loyal and mature Sub

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Married woman seeking a loyal and mature Sub

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I am a married woman who understands the complexities of desire and intimacy, seeking a discreet affair with an obedient man who craves guidance and surrender. I am a woman of sophistication and discretion, navigating the delicate balance between commitment and longing. While my marriage fulfills certain aspects of my life, there exists an unexplored realm of passion and dominance that I yearn to explore with the right partner. I seek more than just obedience; I seek a genuine connection built on trust, respect, and mutual understanding. Your submission to me will not be solely physical but will encompass a deep emotional and psychological surrender. Are you submissive and mature enough to satisfy my desires? Feel free to get in touch

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Re: Married woman seeking a loyal and mature Sub

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Hi! I'm new here! I'm an East Asian male, 37, living in Manchester and I'm looking to explore my 'lost time' I had because I grew up in a conservative household in the past. Yes I like being dominated.
Do you accept Asian male age 37? ;)
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