[HOW-TO] Selfbondage Memory Game 1.2

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RE: [HOW-TO] Selfbondage Memory Game 1.2

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Hello again from Barcelona. :hi:

New program:

(Click on the banner to download)

This program is a memory game. If you beat the game you'll be free from your selfbondage, if you don't you'll have to pay with time tied.

To get and idea of how to use it in Bondage and Selfbondage sessions please take a look at this video from Captured Taboos:
http://www.captured-taboos.com/docs/The ... teaser.mov

When you download the program you will find inside the zip a folder called Question Pack, the .exe of the program and a very detailed pdf with the instructions manual:

The program works like that:

1) You'll see a slideshow of images at fullscreen

·Images are inside the Question Pack folder, and thery are showed randomly
·There is the posibility of do not repeat images from one session to another
·Users can add new images
·You can setup up to 10 images to be showed (and asked for later)
·You can setup how long the images will stay in screen letting you memorize them

(Example of a real image from the program)

2) A cards memory game will start

·You'll have to turn 30 pairs of cards.
·You can setup teasing on errors
·Possible to run a countdown: if you do not turn cards at time you'll be teased
·Possible to setup a safe number of atemps before being teased.
·On fails time will be added to the final countdown.
·Random Teasing mode avaible
·Cards are displayed randomly.
·Possible to have a Panic Button on screen, press it and you'll be free.

(Cards game with almost all the cards turned)

3) You'll be asked about the images you saw at the beggining of the session

·You'll have to answer a question about every image that you saw at the beggining.
·If you answer correctly all the questions you'll be free
·Questions are stored in a folder inside the Question Pack
·It has been created a little program to allow users build their how question fast and easely
·During the questions you'll get on screen a second image hidding the elements that you are asked about.
When you answer you'll get a third image showing the correct answer.
·If you fail answering you'll be tied the amount of time that you bet plus the time added during the cards game

(Real image from the program)

In this release there have been inclluded 300 images and questions.

In the PDF you'll find a very detailed guide of how you can create your own questions, and when released to the main fourm I want to create a thread where people can upload their own questions packs.

There is a thread where people can ask anything related to the question creation.
http://forum.boundanna.net/board/viewto ... =28&t=5680

If the program has a good receviment I will include the possibility of resize the cards to fit as more screen as possible in all the resolutions.

Greets from Barcelona.qwerty2122012-03-04 05:00:27

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