What I Wish Happened When We Got Pulled Over.

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What I Wish Happened When We Got Pulled Over.

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What Really Happened

My friend & I got a sudden craving for some fast food. We decided to be daring an go in our regular clothes but wear womens shoes. I chose to wear a pair of 1" black high heels my friend wore ballet flats. I would wear anything a woman wears my friend likes to only dress like a ballerina. Since it was around 2 AM in the morning we dared ourselves to make it to my friends truck without being seen.

We got to where we wanted to go & ordered our food. I kind of knew the person in the drive thru couldn't see into the truck. I felt at ease sitting in the truck with heels on. I guess I spoke to soon since we got pulled over by a police officer. We pulled into a parking lot where I got my first official job at a grocery store.

We quickly took off our shoes & put them on the backseat floor before we stopped the truck. The officer performed the usual routine asking for license & registration. The other officer was probably checking the license plate number to see if it's clean. He explained to us they were looking for two males in a truck just like my friends. We were let go & as we were driving away my friend told me what they did was illegal since he was training to become a cop one day. After we got back home we carried our shoes instead of wearing them to get to my 2nd floor apartment.

What I Dreamt Happened

What I wished happened instead of two male officers we get pulled over by female officers. They of course have us get out of the truck to search it for anything illegal. While searching she noticed we didn't have on any shoes. She finds the heels and ballet flats on the floor and asked who these belong to. I felt a big lump in my throat as I told her the heels were mine. She handed them to me and said you shouldn't walk around barefoot anyway. So I slipped on my heels she told me don't be embarrassed she's seen worse things.

She asked for my state id & Max's drivers license to check and see if we had any active warrants. I forgot to get my id updated and it had been expired for 6 months now. I was told to put my hands behind my head and spread my legs. As she patted me down for anything illegal I felt my dick get hard as she ran her hands down my legs. She then handcuffed my wrists behind my back. As she read me the miranda rights I felt myself peeing my pants. You see I hadn't been arrested before now. Sure I handcuff myself at home but I have control of when the handcuffs come off. Also I have fantasies of getting arrested but dressed completely as a woman to see what it's like.

Max had nothing to worry about and was sent on his merry way. as we walked back to the police car her partner motioned to her. She didn't realize i peed my pants & saw i was embarrassed. Even though its not their problem they stopped at a gas station to pickup some pantyliner's for me. We drove around looking for a little less busy place to help me. We found a place and they helped me out of the car I know they weren't being sexual or anything. One of the officers pulled my pants down to put a pantyliner in my underwear to help absorb the pee that already came out and prevent any further accidents. Once she got done she pulled up my pants and buttoned them. We got back in the car and off to jail I go for some more excitement.

Once we arrived at the station once again they helped me out of the car. I love the click clack sound my heels made as I walked I think there's nothing sexier than that. This is the first time i've worn heels for an extended period of time. Since just like the handcuffs I have control of when I take them off. Also being handcuffed behind my back it would be difficult to take off my heels.

Finally they removed the handcuffs so I could be fingerprinted. They took my mugshots finally they had me take all my clothes off to perform a body cavity search. They had me put my hands on the wall and spread my legs. They checked all my orifices to see if I was hiding anything. Naturally they let me put my clothes back on. I felt awkward about being put in a cell with heels on. So I left them off and an officer gave me a pair of flip flops to wear instead. I was given one phone call so I called my lawyer to help me get out of jail.

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