The wife's point of view on crossdressing

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The wife's point of view on crossdressing

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Today I would like to ask you all a favor. For some time now I have been in contact with wives who have had bad experiences with crossdresser husbands.

By bad experiences I mean that the marriage ended because the spouses did not find a way to settle their differences.

From these conversations I came up with the idea of writing a post in which I tried to present the point of view of the wives (because there were several) on this topic

The idea is to have information that is really useful for anyone in our community who is in this situation.

The first impression I got when I read it was that it was very hard and discouraging and I would like whoever reads it not to feel that but to feel that they now have more information to face this situation and have a better chance of success.

This is the link ... ssing.html

As it is, I would very much like to receive your comments on this matter. It would be of great help to me.

Thank you in advance

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Re: The wife's point of view on crossdressing

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It's an interesting read and I think this easily applies to any other fetish/kink. Thanks for collecting those thoughts!

I made the same mistakes mentioned in it in my first long term partnership regarding BDSM. Kept it a secret, dropped hints, once out went crazy, never considered my partners pov, etc. Ultimately we tried to both work it out however they really only accepted my fetish out of a desperate attempt to keep the relationship. The disingenuous tolerance soon seeped through the cloud and wasnt fun for either of us overtime. Was a long and slow trainwreck.

Never again was committed to anyone until I met someone at a bar who talked about bdsm and other sexual interests before we even knew each other's names.

Sex is extremely important to most people and that really needs to be completely exposed before you waste anyone's time.

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Re: The wife's point of view on crossdressing

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Huge range of differences in people.

When I was a kid I was kinky. Had a fascination for plastic. Plastic pants, plastic mattress covers and so on. When I was about 7, I was in a school play where as part of the costume I wore a pair of dark green tights. I was a tree or a blade of grass or something. Anyway, I liked the feel of the tights and I would wear them under long pants any chance I got.

When I was in high school I was enamored by girls leotards. I liked that they had a high back and sleeves as well as closed between the legs.

I used to walk through a supermarket of all places that sold clothes as well as variety stuff and they had a mannequin up high wearing a leotard. One day I was in another town and saw the same chain store and went in. Figured no one knew me so I went and found the leotards and bought one. I'm sure I was totally flushed at the check out.

I started wearing it to sleep in and of course I would run may hands down my chest and around my bum feeling where the material met my skin and eventually roll over and rub myself until I came. I would then take it off and wipe out the cum or sometimes I'd challenge myself to not cum and wear it all night. Needless to say I would often wake in the middle of the night and rub myself to orgasm.

I did not have a way to wash it and even though I would wipe off the cum it still got pretty smelly.

One night I went to change into my pajamas which lived under my pillow and there it was all washed, dried and folded. I was mortified. Frozen. What do I do. So embarrassed.

Eventually my mom came to my room. She was so matter of fact. She said she'd found it when vacuuming. She had not been snooping. Normally I shoved it under the mattress but it must have fallen out on the wall side of the bed. She then went on to say it's perfectly OK. She understood about sex drive and feelings and getting turned on. It was hugely awkward and embarrassing conversation for me but so refreshing. She even said she'd known that I had worn tights when little. I said I had really enjoyed the smooth feeling of them. I was 16 I think when this conversation happened. She said it was OK by her for me to wear whatever I liked. I mentioned my fascination and arousal with plastic. Shortly after a brand new pair of tights and a pair of plastic pants appeared in my draw. She said she thought the plastic pants might help contain the mess. So practical.

Fast forward and I get married.

During the marriage I mentioned to my wife things to do with kink. Girls clothing. Plastic. Thoughts of bondage and spanking. Either giving or receiving.

Huge mistake.

The beginning of the end I think. She just seem to think I was sick and needed to be fixed. She made appointments that I had to attend and see a psychiatrist. So I smiled and nodded and just suppressed and did not talk about it. I think it ate away at her. Occasionally I might slip and do something or say something and she would respond with some comment about me being sick. Eventually we divorced. I was emotionally gutted but now free to explore and so in that way there is relief.

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