Cock Cage Advice

What do you mean it has 'only' been a month ?!?
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Cock Cage Advice

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I am thinking of introducing some chastity play with the Mrs and wondered if people can share their opinions/experiences?

I currently have a silicone cock cage and it is ok, but I find it difficult to put on and it seems a bit flimsy. Not sure about metal cages, so I wondered about a solid plastic one? I don't plan to wear for weeks on end. Maybe a day or so at most, but I do want it easy to put on and take off (once it has been unlocked).

The Mrs doesn't know about my interest in this, so I am planning to broach the topic shortly with her.

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Re: Cock Cage Advice

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Try this plastic one. I think this shape is easy to take off. long and thin ones are hard to take off. ... cock-cage/

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Re: Cock Cage Advice

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Re: Cock Cage Advice

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I am a fan of the solid plastic over metal cages myself. Easy on and off is subjective as we are all shaped a little differently but the cbt 3000 and 6000 seem to be the most popular choices. I have also seen a lot of nice looking cages on Etsy too.

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Re: Cock Cage Advice

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Anyone have experience with
I am looking at two possibilities for a cage. ... ity-device
and ... -28-inches
I picked these because I like the integrated lock and the ring not being a circle. But, I have no real experience so I am asking if that shape ring makes them more secure or more comfortable or both.
Also, the "not getting off" has a hinged ring. My intuition is that will allow a tighter and therefore more secure attachment. Am I right?

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