Fiction Story: Massage with surprise extras

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Fiction Story: Massage with surprise extras

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It had been a long hard day, so I decided to treat myself to a massage. My husband wasn't at all happy that I got massages from a man until he turned up the first time. Andrea couldn't have been any more camp. In fact he was visibly excited when hubby answered the door, because he Andrea thought he was going to get his hands over Jacks lean tanned body. Well...Jack couldn't get out the door fast enough.Anyway, that was months ago, and Andrea,whose real name I later learned was actually Andy(don't ask,he prefers Andrea)gives me a relaxing rub down about once a month.We got on really good,and I even got topless after the first couple of visits.Sometimes he even cups my breasts and massages them and tries to get my nipples hard.I noticed he only tries this when he knows I had a glass of wine or two to unwind.I know what hes up to,but I don't care.Its actually kinda nice,especially because I know that he has no interest in me sexually at all.If I hear one more story about his latest hunk I'l scream.That was before last his last visit though. I had been stressed.As soon as I came home from work I hopped in the shower.When I got out,and dried off, Jack came in and grabbed me.He said I looked so sexy, drying myself and preparing for my monthly massage.Jack grabbed me from behind and tried to fuck me.I didn't want to.Andrea would be here any minute,and I had just got clean and fresh.Jack wouldn't take no for an answer though,and roughly rammed his hard cock inside me.Damn him.In fairness I loved to be taken unexpectedly.After a few quick thrusts he took his cock out,and I thought he was going to wank over my ass,leaving me unfullfilled. As it turned out I wish he had.He pushed the head of his cock on my bum,and pushed.I screamed.Wheres the fucking lube I asked.The doorbell rang.Andrea.Fuck."No time for lube hun,"Jack said,and spit on his hand,and wiped it on his cock.He pushed again.I didn't scream this time.Lucky the hot shower had relaxed me.It still hurt a bit.It hurt in a nice way though.Like when Jack slaps my bare ass if walks past me when I'm getting dressed.The damn doorbell rang again.Fuck off Andrea , I thought,starting to enjoy my shag.Jack pulled his cock back a bit,then forward a bit more.He entered me.It hurt.I pushed myself backwards,taking Jacks cock all the way in.Jack grunted and fucked me good and hard.He came inside me,long and hard.and loud.Andrea had to have heard.I knew it,Jack knew it.And Jack didn't care.He pulled his trousers up.Dirty bastard hadn't even bothered taking them off.Jack skipped down the stairs and opened the door,letting Andrea in."In you go Andy,shes ready for ya now," I heard him say,trying to annoy Andrea by calling him Andy.I rushed down the stairs with just a house coat on."Hiya sweetie"said Andrea,"I know what you were up to" he said with a glint in his eyes.
"Hiya sweetie"said Andrea,"I know what you were up to" I blushed and got flustered."Hi Andrea, just give me a few mins to ..em..get ready", I almost stammered."Nonsense dear", said Andrea,"you ARE ready.And he grabbed me by the hand into my living room where I had fragrant candles already burning and soft music playing."Lie down sweetie", he said in his enfeminate voice, gently pushing me toward a small massage table that I owned myself,that Jack bought me in Ikea or Argos or somewhere."I need to put panties on" I almost whispered,still blushing,feeling Jacks hot cum,still inside me,and creeping out of my sore ass."Lie down" Andrea said again, but in a much more manly voice,and pulling me by the hand again,but no longer so gentle.I lay down,face down,and pulled my dressing gown down to my waist."Don't be silly dear,we're all girls he said,and pulled it off me completely,seeing me completely naked for the first time.I blushed again,hoping Jacks cum had been wiped clean by my dressing gown.As it turned out, hadn't. Andrea poured some rose scented oil on his hands,and rubbed his hands together.Perhaps to warm the oil.Perhaps in anticipation of the fun ahead,of which I had no idea.He started on my shoulders which were quite tense with the situation I found myself in.He skillfully worked his magic,and loosened the muscles,before working down my back,stopping at my slag tag,Jacks name in Chinese letters.I had wondered if he was going to touch my bum,but he moved swiftly to my feet and calves,gently moving up and down,up and down.As he got toward the top of my legs , he gently parted them,so as to move his oily hands almost all the way around....I thought.I knew my pussy was now clearly visible,but I didn't care.Andrea was gay,right ? and he had done a great job of relaxing me,almost to a slumber.Andrea picked up a small hand towel he always brought to wipe his hands."Oh,Jack left you a prezzie" Andrea said in a low husky voice" and I immediately knew my ass was leaking love juice. Feck."Will I clean your ass for you ?" he asked. "Sure", I replied,smiling at him,looking at the cannons on his towel.I was thinking to myself,clean my ass with the Arsenal rag.I didn't like Arsenal.Smug gits.We play the best football,we 're gonna...... WHAT THE FUCK !!! Andrea had leaned forward,grabbed my ass cheeks one in each hand,gently squeezing,and fuck me if he didn't lick the cum off my fucking ass."Andrea" I gasped."What" he said,looking like the cat who got the cream," I did ask.He smiled smugly,"and I'm not finished.Do you mind ?" I couldn't answer.bloody hell.Andrea leaned forward again, and started licking my hole.Licking,sucking,playing.I couldn't speak.It tickled for a bit, was nice.Very nice.Very very nice.I groaned.A groan of pleasure.It was wonderful.A new experience.Andrea eventually lifted his mouth off my soaking wet bum,long after he had cleaned it.I wasn't happy.I was horny.Damn horny."Fuck me Andrea " I pleaded,as I turned around.He was already lowering his trousers.His cock sprung to attention.It was magnificent.I wanted it.I needed it.It looked huge.Jack had a beautiful cock.And he wasn't at all small either.I loved sucking him off,licking him hard,swallowing his muck.But this.This.Oh my fucking god.He leaned forward,climbing on top of me.I pushed myself toward him.Pushed my soaking wet pussy toward his big,hard cock.He nibbled my neck.He bit my neck.Hard."Ow.But I thought...thought you were...OH.."He had entered me.Effortlessly slipping inside me.Deep inside me.Oh he filled me.Stretched me.OH,OH,OH.oh good god.OH DEAR GOD.yes...yes.......fucking yes.I came.Christ but I came.Jack always made me cum.But always by clitoral stimulation.Andrea hadn't gone near me there. Didn't need to.He grabbed my breasts and sucked them,each one,still thrusting.Oh Jesus.Oh Jesus.Jack was good,even after years together.But....OH GOD....I was cumming again.I felt tears coming out of my eyes.Why was I crying ?.Andrea pulled out.Do you want to cum on my tits I asked ? . I had great tits.I wasn't being big headed.My ass was bigger than I wanted it to be.I wasn't a perfect ten anymore,Or a twelve,I wish I was a twelve.But my tits.My tits turned heads.All guys stared at them.Hell,girls stared at them,lol."Suck me" Andrea barked.Like a man.Like a man in charge.He grabbed the back of my head and would have pushed me onto him,but I was already lowering my head.I loved sucking cock.I was good at it.And I LOVED cum.Loved the taste.Loved to swallow it.Spit ? I don't think so.I wondered if Andrea would warn me when he was gonna cum.No. I knew when he gripped the back of my head he was gonna cum,without warning.The bastard.And when he came,he fucking came.I swallowed greedily,gagging a little,almost choking.Still that bastard didn't release me till he was finished.He eventually let me go,pulled his now half erect cock out of my mouth.He stood up and said thanks babe.He sounded different.He looked different.He laughed at my confused look."Gay for pay sugar".He explained that being Andrea,women felt safe booking him.And husbands felt safe with a gay man massaging their wives.And men were comfortable booking him.Some very comfortable,he laughed,but didn't elaborate.I didn't care.
That was last week.This was this week.I reckoned my job was becoming very,very stressful.I would probably need a weekly massage.At least.I wondered what that wonderful cock would feel like up my ass.I knew a great way to find out.....

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Re: Fiction Story: Massage with surprise extras

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"Gay for Pay" I like that! Andrea is one smart boy. Fun story.

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