Introduction of myself

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Introduction of myself

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Hello everybody,

I love bondage as far as I can remember, around 5 years old. The very first girl bound I've seen was a cute blond girl from an anime "sport billy" (she was bound arms along). Also the 1st girl I've ever seen bound hands behind back is Wendy from the anime Peter Pan, as a kid, I didn't understand why, but I still loved it.
But of course, I also enjoy gag, and my first was in an episode of the anime "papyrus" with two lovely girls otm gagged. Again, a true pleasure for me. The first real girl I've seen bound (taped up to be exact) was Cameron Diaz from the Mask, hands over head, a true masterpiece. Also, as many bondage lover I also have fallen in love with the totally spies, my first episode of them was the yunk factor, with an amazing sight of their bound wrists behind back ❤️.

I always thought I was a freak or monster to enjoy such things. I thought to be alone, before to search on the Internet. And when I look for it in the web, this totally changed my life :

The first (and still one of the best) websites I've reached by looking for bondage, was Such beautiful artworks of girls bound and gagged, I was feeling in paradise ✨️. Not long after I've reach another good website for artwork : Loz did.
And of course I've start to watch bondage videos and today my 5 favourite studios are :

- AES production
- Beauties in bondage
- Fm concept
- Harmony concept
- Modelstied

I am a bondage lover, and I'm happy to join your team 😀

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