Soft bondage

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Soft bondage

Unread post by Superbat »

Dies somebody know some good soft bondage sites...

...i always find hardcore bondage bit i like women just bound to the ceiling or bed... they can be Dressed....


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Re: Soft bondage

Unread post by Cestlavie »

I'm also into soft bondage (I mean no sm, just the girl bound and gagged, no advanced Shibari position)

In my opinion the good studios are Are production and beauties in bondage. I have many videos of these.

Also, I think hollyrope is good for soft bondage.

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Re: Soft bondage

Unread post by DamselComics »

My art and stories are pretty much all soft bondage. I do stories where the characters role play damsel in distress type scenarios or have snoop based adventures. I started out doing that to try and help people see that the whole bondage thing can be something enjoyable and good, rather than something sinister and something to be ashamed of.
If you're interested, my comics/stories are on Gumroad here: or I have a load of my stuff on Patreon here:

A lot of the stories are also light-hearted with a bit of humour too. Some are even influenced by role play events I do on my Discord server where my members get to interact with the characters. We've done things like damsel themed quizzes, character Q&As and role play events and these have helped people really connect with the characters on a whole new level and have been a lot of fun to do. Even done some DID themed music and animation too :)

I've also been doing private commissions for years and generally speaking, these are usually soft bondage too.

Anyway, if you're looking for something that isn't too hard-core, please feel free to check out those links.

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