Marie and Josie. The finale.

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Marie and Josie. The finale.

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Several weeks after the filming had ended, everything returned to normal, Marie turned to Josie and complained that she missed the fun they used to have. Josie shocked Marie when she agreed with her.

That night Josie looked at Victor and asked if he enjoyed the recent fun times, they had with him dressed as the French maid. Victor said it was extremely good fun and most pleasurable. “I enjoyed it too as you were quite vulnerable and it gave me easy access to your body” Josie told him.

She gave him a strange look that he had not seen before or understand. She smiled at him. “Well?” she asked. Victor still didn’t cotton on. “Grrrr. Do I have to spell it out for you then?” “Oh” Victor had realised at last what she wanted.

Mumbling to himself he went to the bedroom. There he saw the heeled shoes, stockings, suspender belt, bra, bra fillings. the short petticoats and the black maid’s satin dress with an immaculately starched white cotton apron and cap. He walked out again. “I can’t do it anymore. It doesn’t do anything for me these days” he told Josie.

“Oh, I see. You don’t want to please me anymore then!” Josie scolded him. Victor replied that wasn’t it at all, he was just fed up with being dressed like a woman. “But do you realise it makes me randy?” “Are you becoming a lesbian?”. “No, silly, but it puts us on an even keel. I love it”. “It’s alright for you. It’s not you making yourself look an idiot” “Who said you look an idiot? Vicky, to be honest I get jealous of your face and legs. As for your breasts, well, I really love them. You look beautiful. Do it for me Vicky. Please”

Victor said he would think about it. They went to bed and although they got down to the bedroom ballet, even Victor admitted it wasn’t as good as other times.

Meanwhile, in Marie sat talking to John and she said she felt neglected these days. John asked why. Marie said she loved seeing him in his tight shorts and especially his maid’s dress, “I could even think about giving you a blowjob if you were to be the maid once more” This shocked John as Marie would never do it. “Please, just for me, be my maid again” John shook his head to say no. Marie quipped it was all about his pleasure and she got none at all then.

John said he didn’t like the idea until Marie pointed out no one a going to see him. “And who knows where it may end up?” He said nothing but walked away.

The next day Marie and Josie drove into town to get some shopping. Josie told Marie what had happened between Victor and her. “That’s strange John and I had much the same conversation” The pair started laughing. “Maybe we should go and see mistress Pain again” Josi said. Marie agreed and a half hour later found them at the dungeon.

They explained to Pain what the problem was. “It is something I have noticed before. Men seem to get tired of it. I suggest you bring them here again and we will do some filming once more”. That made Marie and Josie rather happy. Josie said she could feel herself getting damp at the thought of Victor being under her control. Pain said “To be honest I get that feeling whenever I have a client who I control. He is quite good looking and I have to leave his pants on when I restrain him to the cross. Once fastened I have to remove his pants leaving him naked. I have my office secretary outfit of a tight skirt and blouse. As soon as he sees me, he becomes erect. I forgot myself once and gave him a blowjob. Although he only paid for an hour, I enjoyed myself so much I lost track of the time and he was like that for three hours. I had to rush out to the shops and left him there. Even thinking about him makes me raunchy” she laughed.

Marie asked what they were going to do. Pain said “tell them you were making a film just for yourselves so they must wear the maid’s outfits. To save time they must come in their uniforms and you have to say you will bring their clothes in a bag. Instead of that, bring your nurses uniforms. That way you can tell them that as I will be pushed for time, we can get it over and done with. Come Saturday as I have nothing on. They won’t know that. It will get crowded outside as we have the market on, so they would have to leave dressed as they are. I would suggest you bring your leotards. If you haven’t got one, I suggest you get a high cut latex one. I am going to take you a step further. You can get them from this shop” and she gave them a card. “Tell them I sent you”

Saturday came and the two men stepped out of their houses rather nervously. Marie and Josie were still wondering about the leotards. The men climbed in the back of Josie’s car and Marie sat in the front. The men asked why the women weren’t dressed. “Pain has got something special for us” Marie replied “We have got out nurses dresses with us though”. The two women found hard to conceal their excitement.

Upon reaching Pain’s house, Marie knocked at the door while Josie was ready to out the car in the garage once the men had gone inside. She laughed at the site of the two men going as fast as they could in the high heeled shoes, the dresses bobbing up and down revealing the petticoats and panties.

Once everyone was indoors, Pain asked if they would like a coffee. They all did. Pain glared harshly at Victor and John, now Vicky and Joanne. The men stood there not comprehending what she was trying to say. “For heaven’s sake. This means punishment. Why do I employ two maids and have make the coffee myself. “Bring some biscuits in with you”. Joanne and Vicky scuttled off to fetch the coffees and biscuits.

Once the women were alone, Pain said, “Did you notice they forgot to thank me and curtsey. Put your leotards on with the nurse’s dresses over the top. You two have got to be extremely strict with them. It’s no use me being strict if you two are letting all they learned drop. They have got to learn to obey without question”

Vicky and Joanne entered the room and placed the coffees and biscuits on the table and sat down. “Who gave you permission to sit down?” Josie screamed at them, “Maids await their orders by standing to attention by the wall” Pain smiled in appreciation that at least Josie had taken the hint. Marie started up. “You need punishment again. This time you never thanked Mistress Pain or curtsied to her. This is making it worse for you” Her voice was firm and authoritive. Pain was now really enjoying this. The ladies had learned well. The men thanked them and went and stood with their backs to the wall. “Put your hands together in front of your pinnies lie all maids should do” Marie carried on demanding. The men did as they were told after curtsying and thanking her for her guidance.

“Don’t they look so sweet and feminine like that” Pain sad. Josie agreed. “I couldn’t wear anything like that. It’s far too frilly and flouncy for me. I think that men should wear them all the time as they love them so much” Marie laughed.

Eventually them men were allowed to drink their coffees and have a couple of biscuits. After they had removed the crockery, the men were told that were being taken to the barn once more. They put their masks on ready for the filming.

A half hour later found them in the barn. The two women were nowhere to be seen. A few moments later they appeared in their nurse’s uniforms. They led the men to one end of the barn where the cameras were set up. Vicky and Joanne had cuffs put on their wrists and ankles. The ankle cuffs were connected to bolts in the floor. That made them stand with their leg spread. Their handcuffs were tied to ropes hanging from the ceiling. Before they knew it the ropes were pulled up leaving them with their hands held high and apart by a spreader bar.

Camera rolling, Marie and Josie went up to the two captives. “This is making me hot” Marie said. “Me too” Josie replied, “let’s get these uniforms off”. Slowly and seductively the two women unclipped the stop stud and slowly slid the zips down on their uniform dresses. Joanne and Vicky stood there with their cocks straining against the satin panties.

Marie and Josie peeled the uniforms off of their shoulder and elegantly stepped out of the dresses. Vicky and Joanne saw the high cut latex leotards that left nothing to the imagination. They went up even close and stood to one side and played with the maid’s dresses and petticoats, lifting them so their erections could be seen against the panties.

After they had teased the men, they went behind them and fussed with the petticoats from behind, finally rubbing their bum cheeks. Now the tension was too much for Vicky and she started to let out precum. Joanne wasn’t far behind.

Pain said Marie and Josie were to leave them there and go and have a coffee. But first they have a job to do. Quickly the removed the men’s masks. The men argued what did they think they were doing. Pain told them. “You have not been keeping up to the task of keeping your wives happy no matter what they ask. If this happens again, this film will be put out on social media. Do you understand?” Both said they did. The women gagged the men. Pain carried on talking, “We are going for lunch. You two stop here and think about it and we will ask you again later”

The three women walked off and Joanne and Vicky watched as their wives’ bums were lifted by the actions of walking in high heeled shoes. Vicky dribbled some more precum.

After lunch the women came back. This time the women had horse whips with them. Marie asked if they accepted the new terms. Both men agreed so their gags were removed. Josie said the women had been talking and decided all their male undies had to go. They would be wearing panties form now on. “Do you agree?” The men reluctantly agreed.

Marie said that indoors, the men would be the wives and wear skirts and dresses. The women would be the husbands in future and will wear the trousers.

Soon it was time to go home. Mistress Pain was invited to join them for Sunday dinner the next day. Joanne and Vicky would be cooking and serving them.

The men were released and they asked where their clothes were. “Back at home, silly” Josie replied, “We want to see lots of leg through the stockings” The men gulped but had no option other than accept their fate. Back as home, the women took their time opening the front doors to their houses which put the men on edge. “Get used to it, you will be wearing that outfit when you clean the windows” Marie told Joanne. “But everyone will see me”. Joanne replied, “That is not my problem. Mind you, they will have enough of a lovely display to look at. Make sure you give them a good show” John asked her not to do it. “Please mistress” he begged. “I’m sure a lot of men will jerk of looking at you and Vicky strung up like that, especially with us playing with you” Marie replied. With that, both Joanne and Vicky were treated to blow jobs.

Next day, the pair, dressed in their maids’ outfits prepared, cooked and served Sunday dinner to the three women. Pain presented them with copies of the film to watch later.

Vicky and Joanne stood to attention and waited for further orders from the women. “They know their place well enough” Pain said. Marie and Josie agreed. The men knew what would happen to them if that film ever got onto the social media.

A year later and many bondage films in the can, John and Victor found jobs. They asked if they can have male pants but were told not only would they wear panties, but bras as well. When the men said it would be obvious what they were wearing, they were told that was not the women’s problem. They would have to be careful about what they displayed. “I’m sure the women won’t mind. After all, they have to wear them. It puts you on an even level with them and we can be sure you won’t cheat on us. Tomorrow when you get home, you can wear a miniskirt and heels. We have surprises for you.”

The next day after work the men were in tight microskirts in their own houses. “Right, as housewives, you are the sub one who has to do as they are told. I’m the husband and you do what I tell you” Marie and Josie.

The men were led out to their sheds where they found benches had been installed. The men were strapped face down and gagged. Pillows were put under their stomachs which made their bums stick up. The women left them there and looked at each other as they walked back to the houses. Both gave each other a thumbs up.

In their houses they changed into their leotards and fitted a strap on to themselves. Back at the shed, they showed the men what was happening, the men struggled but could not escape. They felt the lubricant being shoved into their back passage. The women were claiming their conjugal rights. Fingers slowly worked their way into their anuses. “I’m glad we bought those latex gloves now” both Josie and Marie told their helpless victims.

A few minutes later the men felt the dildo being pushed into them. Slowly it entered them. At first they tried to stop it, but it was like there was a vacuum in them as the dildo rushed into them, Slowly but surely the women rocked back and forth. They felt the strap on pressing on their clitoris from the outside and that made them horny. The men started to wriggle to get the dildo out of them but settled down finding it rather pleasant.

Thew men did shoot a lot of sperm out, but felt nothing of the usual rush of an orgasm. The women did, they soon had theirs. Not as strong as normal, but it was there.

“Never mind, we’ll try again tomorrow and you had better wear a sanitary towel as your muscles might be weaker and not hold it in. You should get to like it. Maybe you should ask the girls at work if they would like to pleasure a slut like you”

Next day, after the men had left for work, Marie and Josie agreed it was pleasurable. They loved how the men wriggled to make it more comfortable.
“We are equal to the men now and I’m not going back to my old ways. It will make the men think about our feelings when they are screwing us” Josie said. Marie agreed and raised a glass of wine and the pair toasted their new life.

The end.

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