Newbie Self-bondage

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Newbie Self-bondage

Unread post by bdsammie727 »

I have been curious about self-bondage for years. I love being bound. It's comforting. I work from home and occasionally have a quick meeting that will pop up. But most meetings are scheduled ahead of time. I'm not confident in my rope skills to wear it under my clothes yet. But I was curious if there are other work from home kinky people and if you sometimes or every day enjoy some self bondage while you work.

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Re: Newbie Self-bondage

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Welcome Sammie.
I never had a job where I could work from home but will sometimes do my household chores wearing my maid's dress, ballgag, collar and cuffs. I suppose for working at your computer desk, you could simply tie your legs together or maybe impale yourself on a dildo (or two) on your chair. A nice tight corset is a fun form of bondage, too. None of that would show in a video meeting.

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Re: Newbie Self-bondage

Unread post by gaggedutopia »

I've chatted with someone who does this fairly regularly. Here are a few that they have mentioned:
  • Ballgag for a set duration. Sometimes they leave it on until just before a meeting leaving faint gag strap marks.
  • Legs cuffed to their desk with the keys locked with a timer container.
  • Hands locked in handcuffs which are kept off screen. They said they've got a few "what's that noise" question a few times.

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Re: Newbie Self-bondage

Unread post by copperfox »

Having also never worked from home, there are still some pieces of gear that I’ve found provide the comforting feeling of bondage while also being very discreet. A few options that I use on a near-daily basis include:

A 2-inch locking leather waist belt from Sinvention, modified with D-rings. This is a great option as it’s can be locked on fairly tight and isn’t noticeable under even a slim t-shirt at all. There’s no real restriction of movement with it, but when it’s tight, it’s a great feeling.

A S&W M1840 waist chain. Originally it’s 60 inches in length, but I’ve cut it down so there’s no extra links that jingle around. This is great because I can with with handcuffs (through the metal handcuff link) or without. Same kind of feeling as the leather belt, but the metal chain with a large padlock provides a really secure feel.

Not sure if butt plugs are your thing, but I can wear a mid-size plug all day without any discomfort. My go-to is the Tantus Ryder. I don’t have one (yet), but a locking leather butt plug harness would be a nice addition here as well.

Again, not sure if you’re into it, but I’ve really been enjoying women’s sports bras and tight gym shorts (under any kind of clothes). They provide a “tight” feeling, and there’s just something about wearing them that I find very natural and relaxing.

For extra fun, about half the time, I’m wearing the belt/chain, plug, and bra/shorts together. Great combo for either going out or just lounging around at home.

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