Massachusetts Bondage

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Massachusetts Bondage

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I am a 27 year old male. I'm a nice, nerdy guy who has a dark side full of hundreds of kinky fantasies.

My kinky interests include bondage, breath play, spandex/lycra, crossdressing, gags, toys, water bondage, vacbeds, ext,

I'm looking for someone who enjoy tying up and edging young men. I want to be tied helpless while someone uses and abuses me. I want to be edged for hours, begging to sum.

It you are in the Boston/framingham area, and are interested, please message me.

You can also find me on get life. My name there is sum41z10.

Feel free to also pm me if you'd just love to chat.

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Re: Massachusetts Bondage

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This is an old post. Wondering if you're still looking.

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