panic mode today.

Sometimes you just have to do things yourself.
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panic mode today.

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So, in my skirt and undies. I took two loops of rope. I put one end around my bed post and looped it through itself. I did the same to to the other bed post. I thought I would have a little sleep.

Next I looped the rope back on itself over my wrists. Then I pulled it tight and I was stuck. I realised the knot of the loop was out of my reach so was each hand. Panic. Did I shout for help and hope someone would come and release me? But then again my life would be ruined by people knowing what I get up to. I had a phone call to make two hours later. Would they realise something was wrong and phone the police?

I thought carefully and slid the bed post loop up over the connecting bar ad along so my hands could reach each other. Good job we had bought a headboard with a connecting bar between the bed posts. I have learned my lesson now.

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Re: panic mode today.

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Glad you are okay, but yes, we always need to check, test and check again that those of us who have to self bind, can get loose safely when the time limit set is up, and not before.

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