George-Part 2 / Mary's maids

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George-Part 2 / Mary's maids

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Suzie said she had an idea to get it going. Firstly, George’s clothing factory will have its name changed from George’s to Georgina’s Garments. She will apply for the name change and put it on social media. Carol said she had looked on a few of those sites and have found a lot of women are complaining that their husbands and boyfriends don’t help with the housework. “It’s as if they don’t know how to wash up or use a vacuum cleaner”

Christine suggested that Carol and Mary start a company up using male maids. “Go onto your social media sites and ask how many women would like to change their men” Suzie butted in. “Ask if they are interested in meeting to discuss how to change their men” Christine said they could meet at her farm or she could see if the local community centre has spare dates they could hire the hall on.

Two days later a group was started up on social media. “Ladies, have you had enough of doing all the housework? Fed up with your partner letting you down? Sick of never having a rest? If you are, then contact us on “” and we will contact you by phone. Within the hour, six women had messaged them. Within twelve hours there were one hundred and fifty enquiries. Carol and Mary spent the day calling them. They had twenty confirmed enquiries once they had explained what the group was about.

Christine said they should invite them to the community centre in a week’s time as they had nothing on for the week. The
here of them raised the money for the hall and sat and waited. Suzie turned up. They waited and waited. Two hours had
gone by when Mary said they had better pack up as no one was going” As she said it, a woman poked her head through
the doorway. “Am I in the right place for dissatisfied ladies?” she called out. Mary told her she was and to come in and
have a cup of tea. “My name is Rosemary Shielding” she told them

Eventually all twenty women turned up. Christine set the chairs out in a circle. One by one they told their tales and they all basically came to the same story. They were fed up with having to work, go home and then have to do all the housework, cook the meals etc. They all introduced themselves to each other.

Suzie told them of where she rose from a mere secretary to running a business herself. “I run Georgina’s garments now” All the women looked and there were gasps from some of them and then the clapping started. “Let me tell you, It was Carol and Mary along with Christine that got me where I am” Suzie told them, “What they say might sound stupid to you, but I would say that you really must listen. You all have it in you. Men have held us back for years. We all have the means to empower ourselves. If you listen to them, you will find the power as well as I did”

Carol started off by telling them about George and what he did to them. “Where is George now then?” one of the women asked. Suzie told her “George as he was known as is now Georgina and she is sitting in my office answering the phone and taking orders” The women looked perplexed. “George is now Georgina?” Rosemary asked. “Yes, we coerced her into wearing mini-skirts only fifteen inches long. We have his manhood locked away and the keys locked in the safe. She is doing her best, hoping I will relent on her. I keep phoning up and sending her to the machine room where the ladies tease and humiliate her” Suzie said. “But isn’t that cruel?” Rosemary asked. “Of course it is. Wasn’t it cruel of him to do what he did to us?” Carol replied. All the women agreed. “He asked for it, but how does that help us?” one asked.

Christine told them, “All men fancy being forced to wear women’s clothes. Let’s be fair, ours feel nicer and softer which teases their manhood. Mary and Carol are going to start up a male maid’s company. Suzie here will arrange for them to get their uniforms from Georgina’s garments. They will be made to measure” The women looked at each other, “How do we get our husbands to dress like a maid?” Rosemary asked. “Carol answered her, “Each of you must either find a magazine in the street or come across it on the internet. Laugh at it with him, but take careful note of his response. At first, he will refuse to look at it, but later you will find the pages well-thumbed or look on the computer at the history and you will find he will go back to it. Put a memory stick into the computer or change the settings to share with another computer. We will give you the settings so it comes to our computer at Georgina’s garments. If he laughs at it, tell him you want to measure him so you can imagine him as a maid as he won’t do it. Send the measurements to us. By the way, they will be French maids. You need the length. Don’t forget he will have to wear frilly panties and petticoats as well. Each of you could have maid’s normal dresses to show you are in charge. Make him do all the work. Hide his clothes. He will be hired out and you will get a half of what he earns. He will get nothing except humiliation. Mary’s maids will get the other half of the take. The uniforms will be free if he works for two years. If he leaves before or ruins the uniforms it will have to be paid for. That is why Mary’s maids will take so much. But each year, you will get a half of the profit’s Mary’s maids get” They stopped for a cup of tea. “If all else fails, withdraw your lovemaking from him. Later you will be given a chastity cage for him”

“After the break, put your names down if you are interested. You must hide his clothes once he is dressed then tell him that unless he tidies up and does all the housework, he won’t get his clothes back. Change his pants for panties and then relent a little by giving him some male clothes to got to working but of course he must be wearing panties. Satin is best for that” Carol told them.

Christine went on, “Once he has done what you want him to do. Point out an advert asking for male maids in your area to meet in a maid’s party. Some of you will find your man still will not dress. The answer for that is to tell him you are going out with some girls or a friend is ill and you want to go and see her. You won’t be back until at the earliest eleven. Watch him leave then go back to catch them but better still, if you have a second set of keys for your car, remove his clothes and return home. He will panic but have to turn up in his uniform. Pretend to be shocked. Threaten them that you will send the photos to all his friends if he doesn’t do exactly what you want. In a month, we will have a maid’s party here. They won’t know you are coming along. When they are all in, you will get the signal and you all walk out with your cameras and catch them. You will have proof they came out dressed as maids.

You will meet Georgina here. The girls are really making her frustrated now, so she is putty in our hands” “But that is blackmail” Rosemary pointed out. Carol smiled, “Of course it is. Good isn’t it. The women were pleased to hear that and all agreed to try it from that weekend. “Each time there is a change or argument you must let us know” Carol told them. All twenty women signed up. Two of them said they would like the job of a supervisory maid. Suzie showed them a maid’s costume of a knee length black dress with white collars and cuffs and a white apron and hat. One said she would love that look. Her husband goes on about how smart and pretty maids look. “That should make it easy for you to suggest that he tries it on so you can see what he gets out of it. Don’t forget his bloomers though” Suzie told her. The woman laughed.

The very next day, the woman emailed to say she got a uniform from a fancy dress shop and it turned him on. “Tonight, I’m putting him in it like you said”. Carol emailed back, “Good luck. Let us know” Two days later an e-mail stated she had got him into bloomers and the uniform, “He really played the part” stood out.

Then another email from someone else said she had got her husband into satin panties and their lovemaking was the best yet. She has now removed all his pants and as from tomorrow, he will be in satin panties under his clothes or no sex. He now has a chastity cage on him. Mary never realised how devious women can be. She found out on the next email. Her husband liked tying her up to the bed. He insisted she wore a bikini so he had the pleasure of removing it. This time she tied him to the bed in his underpants. She had to gag him, but then removed his pants and replaced them with frilly pink knickers. She threatened to send the photos to his company unless he did as he was told. He now only has panties to wear. The next one said “her husband is now unemployed so she said he could get a job as a maid. He took the bet on that he could do the job as a good as any maid. Can you send me a copy of your contract and I will get him to sign it and send it back”. “That gives us four supervisory maids” Carol said.

It took three weeks for each of the twenty women to send their husbands or boyfriends measurements through. It took Georgina’s Garments three weeks to make the twenty dresses and the four supervisors’ uniforms. Carol was happy it only took six weeks all told. As the time went by, e-mails showed it was going to plan. Over the week, Carol and Mary were told that all twenty of the men had been caught. Their wives went mad, (only pretending to be livid) “Fancy going out dressed in that way. What will people think” was the usual scream, “For that, you stay in it and you can tidy up, Bringing the house into ridicule like that”

Rosemary had followed her husband and stolen his clothes. He couldn’t go to the police station like that and was glad to see the house in darkness when he got home. It wasn’t for long though. He switched on the light and there sitting in her chair was Rosemary. She glared at him for a few seconds, “What the hell do you think you were doing going out dressed like that?” Her husband Don, looked down, “Sorry love. I thought I would get away with it” “I bet you did. So, you didn’t think to take any clothes with you then?” Don went quiet, then said quietly, “I did, but they got stolen” “What was that? I never heard you!” Don repeated his clothes were stolen, “I must have left the car unlocked” “You report it?” “How could I? Dressed like this!” Rosemary was laughing inside as she knew his clothes were in his wardrobe. “Right, as you want to play maids, a maid you will be. You start by pouring me a wine” Don poured out two glasses. “What do you think you are doing? Servants don’t drink with their masters or mistresses” He put the glass down and stood there.

“You can practice your curtsy and walking like a woman” He did and was told that was not good enough. “You keep doing it until I tell you that you are reasonable. In the meantime, come here” Don walked up to her. She lifted his dress and petticoats, pulled down his panties and slipped a chastity cage on his cock. “There, now you don’t touch it. I’m your mistress in future. You must call me mistress. This will stop you from playing with yourself when you realise there will be no more sex. You sleep in the spare room. Servants don’t sleep with their betters. Do you understand?” Don looked down and quietly said “Yes mistress” “I didn’t hear you. Louder” “Yes mistress” “Well aren’t you going to thank me?” “Thank you, mistress” “That’s better. What happened to the curtsy? And don’t forget to hold your apron when you do it” Don completed the task and Rosemary realised she was enjoying this exchange of power.

“You may retire now Deirdre” Don thanked her again and gave another curtsy. “Deidre?” he thought, “Deirdre?” He rushed back into the lounge where Rosemary was just emailing the latest episode of Don’s transformation. Rosemary went mad, “You knock and wait for an answer like a good maid. What to you want? This means punishment. I’ll think about that later” “You called me Deirdre” “What are you supposed to do first before talking?” Don curtsied. “That’s better” Rosemary barked. “Yes, I can’t call you by a man’s name can I while you are dressed like that. Deirdre is a good maid’s name. Now you may go back to your room. Be up by six, I have a lot to teach you and I want coffee and some muesli for breakfast in bed by six thirty. Have your makeup on as well”

Don curtsied and went back to his room. He was beaten. By nine that day he had learned how to wash dishes and clean the floors. His hair was long so Rosemary arranged for him to have a session in a beauty parlour. Don asked why and was told his makeup was slap dash. Humiliation might teach him. He spent the rest of the day in the salon being mocked by the staff and other women who went into the salon. He didn’t want that again so he made sure he knew what to do. Rosemary who had gone home, phoned Carol up. They arranged for Don’s French maid’s uniform to be sent to their house instead of a fancy dress maid’s outfit. “Deirdre can go to the next meeting place as she is. She will present herself to the others” Carol laughed. So did Mary, Christine and Suzie when they were told.

Over the week, more and more stories like that came in. It was time for the meet. It was decided that everyone was to meet at Barrenly Castle. Of the twenty women that agreed to take part, only six men did. Those that didn’t were told they were going away on a holiday. What they weren’t told was that the castle needed cleaning. Everyone could stay for free, but as it had been closed for some time, it was dusty. It had been decided to re-open the castle so needed a spruce up.

Rosemary was the first to arrive with Deirdre. “She has been moaning about her legs being on display they whole journey. She said she felt a fool. Not that I’m worried about that providing the car hadn’t broken down. She thinks her clothes are n the suitcase. She is in for a shock”. Suzie and Georgina turned up. Georgina was in a twelve-inch-long tight skirt. And a white satin blouse. She had her extra-large breast forms holding out the blouse, even her nipples showed although she had a sports bra on. Rosemary looked. “I love this outfit. She has to be careful how she bends and she has learned how awkward huge breasts are. That will teach him to love big breasts” Suzie replied. “You said he not she” “Well, he hasn’t had the snip, well not yet, although I did offer to do it with a pair of garden sheers” There was laughter all round except from George.

One by one the women turned up. Six had their men accepting the regime of being a maid, but the others did not. The six ready dressed maids were ushered into another room so the other men could not see them. Rosemary and the other women in their maid’s dresses welcomed them all. The women were invited to look around the castle. Each man in turn was called out and told to follow Carol into another room. There he was jumped on by the women who stripped him, locked a chastity cage then putting the uniform on him. Finally, he was bound hand and foot, gagged and carried into the cellar. They all struggled to no avail. The women had made a great job of restraining them.

Their clothes removed; they had no option once they escaped to go back to the lounge where their wives were waiting. The women went into raptures of laughter and clapping. “Right Maids, now you stop here for training in all aspects of being a maid. How put on makeup, how to walk like a girl, curtsying and how to talk like a girl. The next stage is how to do cleaning, polishing and cooking” Christine told them. The men objected. “Your clothes are a thing of the past. Either you do as you are instructed or, one, you never get those chastity cages off if you. Two, you will earn money which will go to your mistress. Three, your photos and films, oh yes, all this has been filmed, will go on social media and to your friends who won’t want to know you once they see them”

Suzie got Georgina to show how to answer yes mistress or master and no mistress or master. Deidre showed them how to curtsy. Carol told them they must be immaculate at all times. “You have all signed the contracts so we could sue you if you don’t keep to them and I’m sure you would love to be in the papers at the court wearing those dresses as we would insist you appear in them” The men felt drained. The women had won. There they were in short maids’ uniforms while the women were in trousers or long skirts.

“In case you think about it, we have a lot of companies begging to use your services so we need a lot of panties and frilly petticoats showing. Your wives now wear the trousers and you are in skirts in future. I recommend you obey them or the keys to those cages will get lost. Act well, and you might get a uniform like the supervisory maids have got” Suzie told them. However, Carol, Mary and the others knew that would never happen.

Some time later, the women emailed Carol and Mary saying what a wonderful life they lead now. No washing up or laundry. Even the ironing is done to perfection. A couple said they loved their maid hanging the washing on the line. Neighbours have seen them and have asked how they get their husbands into doing it. Carol knew this was true as a few days later, they got emails asking if they could enroll their husbands.

Mary’s Maids was doing well by the end of the first year. They had one hundred male maids. Profits were rolling in hand over fist. The spin off was that Georgina’s Garments were getting more orders from the maids. Georgina had a special Christmas present. It was a lockable hobble dress. It zipped up at the back and locked so there was no removing it. At the next get together, everyone loved the way Georgina shuffled around in the dress. She had forgotten what it was like to wear trousers. In the factory, the women continued to make Georgina’s life a misery.

The four supervisory maids now run Mary's maids while Mary and Carol, along with Christine enjoyed life to the full.

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