My Story

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My Story

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Let me tell you about my situation. I am 40 y.o., and I’ve been a crap husband. I cheated on my wife during business trips. It came to a head when she answered my cell phone, and one of my honeys was on the other end of the phone. I begged forgiveness, as I really do love her. She gave me two choices: divorce or wear a chastity device. Well, I thought the chastity device would be like a fun sex game that we would do for awhile, then get bored, and quit. I missed more signals when she said she found the one she wanted, and started taking detailed measurements of my genitals. Another sign was when I saw the credit card statement, she paid $375 for it. Four weeks later it arrived.

My wife’s best friend is named Jen. Jen is unmarried. She comes by our house often and has dinner with us. She is always respectful of our couple time, and never overstays her welcome. Jen runs a balloon business (more on that later), and has the most incredible 44DD chest. My wife often catches me staring at her boobs, and has said, “They’re boobs! They don’t belong to you, so quit staring.” I have often fantasized about a 3-way with Jen and my wife. Sex with the Mrs. had gotten stale. Time for something to liven things up. I hoped the chastity device might do that.

One night, Jen was over for dinner. After dinner, my wife announced that my device had arrived, right in front of Jen. My wife told me to shower and report to the bedroom. This usually would have been when Jen would excuse herself. When I got to the bedroom, our restraints from some previous bondage fun were laid out. I was wearing a towel which my wife promptly removed, indicating that it was OK to be naked in front of Jen. I laid down, and my wife took one side of the bed, and Jen the other, as they secured my limbs to the bed. I was dumbfounded by Jen’s involvement. Jen disappeared into the other room, and came back with shaving supplies. She prepared them on the nightstand and handed them to my wife, to shave my pubic region. Jen explained that hygiene was critical while wearing a chastity device. That was my first inclination that she had maybe done this before.

My wife had the pieces of the chastity device all spread out on the bed. Jen read the instructions, while my wife applied the device around my balls, over my cock, then attached the two pieces together, on top of my cock. My wife then slid another securement piece on the underside of my cock. Once in place, both securement pieces rotated to where the locking device with key would enter. Jen continued to coach my wife, and did a final securement check herself. I figured this was a practice session, and now Jen would leave, and I’d get a last orgasm before being locked up. My wife looked at me quizzically, then said, “Oh you wanted to cum. I wish you had said something.” Jen nodded her approval with my wife’s statement. Jen then gave me a few pointers for using the bathroom.

I looked at Jen, and asked how she knew all this. She said she worked as a summer intern for the company that manufactured the device, and that this device had the reputation for being the safest, while also being the most inescapable. Jen told me, “It actually secures above and below your cock, making it impossible to remove unless you have the key and the App on your phone.”

My wife then explained that Jen downloaded the App on her phone, so that it was useless for me to beg my wife for release. They both had to be present, with key and App to release the device. Jen showed me the App on her phone. It read Device Secure. Please store keys properly. Replacement keys may only be issued to the App holder. My wife said, “I don’t have the power to release you. It’s a two person system. This way you can focus on being the best husband, without bugging me to be released all the time.” This had all happened so quickly. My mind was foggy. I asked, “So when do I get out?” My wife smiled, and said, “when your behavior improves.” Jen gave my wife a hug, and excused herself, and told us to have a great night. My wife untied me, laid on the bed, and said she could use a massage…………………

Over the next 8 weeks, I did my best to be helpful to my wife, and do what she wanted. As soon as I got home, I’d have to hand my phone to my wife, so she could screen my calls. That honey I’d been cheating with kept calling. My wife told her, “He is locked up. Don’t call again.” She didn’t seem to listen.

Jen’s visits seemed more and more spaced out. If I’d been nice to her before, I was super nice to her now. And then, one night it happened, I was so desperate to be released. I cornered Jen as she was coming out of the bathroom, and begged her to convince my wife to let me out. Jen called for my wife, and asked her to come here right away. As I begged Jen to be quiet, I went to put my hand on her arm, but instead it found one of her big boobies. My wife entered and asked what was up, as my hand was (accidentally) on Jen’s breast. Jen calmly said,” He’s begging me to convince you to release him, and now he grabbed my breast.” My wife asked how long I had been secured. Jen pulled out the App on her phone, and said, “65 days.” I begged forgiveness. My wife said,” A suitable punishment will be determined over the next several days.” Jen and my wife returned to the living room. I pounded the wall in frustration.

The weekend came. My wife announced that we were going for a ride in the country. She asked for my hands. I held them out, and she said, “No silly. Behind you!” My wife handcuffed me, and put a blindfold on me. As we drove I had no idea what was going to happen. She did tell me we were going to meet Jen, and she hoped I would behave better around her today. We arrived in a farmer’s field in the middle of nowhere. My wife helped me out of our car. Jen said hello to us, so I knew she was there. I tried to apologize to Jen, and tell her it was an accident that I touched her boob. My wife said,” too little, too late.” I was led over to a place on the ground. My wife uncuffed me and had me lay on the ground face up. I was then secured spread-eagled to four stakes in the ground. Any time I was secured and Jen was present, I had hope I might get the device removed. I heard a sound of “air rushing” in a distance.

My wife removed my blindfold, and told me she was sorry my behavior hadn’t improved sufficiently. My wife showed me a piece of paper, It read,” I am a crappy husband. I cheated on my wife. These are the keys to my chastity device. If you think I deserve a second chance, please return them to: (our address). Otherwise, do what you want with them.” Jen walked over with an 8 foot weather balloon she had just filled with the helium tank in her truck. The letter and the keys were inserted inside a 2-liter 7-Up bottle. Two strings were attached to the bottle, and each was wrapped loosely around my big toes. Jen handed my wife the weather balloon on its tether. She attached the bottle with the note and the keys to the tether. They slowly let the balloon go skyward till the tether and the strings were taut. All that stood between my permanent chastity was two strings wrapped around my toes. I said, “No, No, No, Please!” My wife reminded me when she said, “NO please stop cheating!” Jen was wearing a tank top that said Bye Bye! I looked at her for mercy. She returned a blank stare.

My wife told me I best concentrate on holding those strings with my big toes. She said, “I’d hate to see what would happen if a strong gust of wind came up.” I begged. I pleaded, and said please don’t do this! My wife gave me a huge smile, and sat between my legs. She pulled out a vibrator, and started running it on the tops of my feet My toes wiggled, but I still had hold of the string. She then started using her fingernails on the soles of my feet. My toes wriggled, but I still held on. She then ran two ice cubes in circles on the soles of my feet. Jen said, “Bye Bye!” The weather balloon and the bottle sailed upward for me to watch. My wife then reminded me that 2/3 of the earth was covered by water. I had roughly a 1/3 chance the bottle would land on the ground somewhere, and even less of a chance of someone finding it.

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